Pinot Grigio DOC Venezia ORGANIC 2021

13.50 CHF

Varietal: 100% Pinot Grigio
Vintage: 2021
Alcohol content: 12%
Format: 0.75 l (Fr. 18.-/1 l)
Producer: La Cantina Pizzolato
Region/Country: Veneto/Italy

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Organic Pinot Grigio DOC Venezia

Pinot Grigio DOC Venezia ORGANIC 2021

13.50 CHF

In stock


Pinot Grigio DOC Venezia BIO is produced by Cantina Pizzolato in Villorba, Italy. This vineyard is 100% organic but also the entire process of vinification and transformation of the grapes is certified. This is thus a guarantee of quality for all the wines of Cantina Pizzolato.

In addition to being certified organic, Pinot Grigio DOC Venezia is also certified vegan. Thus, no animal protein is used during the clarification process. The producer then tries to minimize the impact of the entire wine supply chain on the environment. The certified organic and vegan grapes come from their own vineyards.

The bottle is made from 94% recycled glass. The 100% sustainable cork, as well as the capsule and the cardboard packaging, come from recycled materials. The label is made from cotton industry waste and the amount of ink used is as low as possible.


The vinification of this exceptional product is done through a temperature-controlled fermentation process in steel tanks. At the end of the alcoholic fermentation, the wine is left in contact with the yeasts in order to extract the best flavors.


The color of this white is straw yellow.


On the nose, there is a scent of almonds, dry straw and also walnut shell.


On the palate, Pinot Grigio is velvety, soft, harmonious and also contains a balanced acidity.

Food & wine pairings

Epicurious brothers offers you this exceptional and unique product. Excellent with starters and light dishes, with herb omelettes, with vegetable soups, cream of chickpeas and zucchini or even with sushi.