Rosso IGT Veneto BIO 2020 – without added sulfites

17.50 CHF

Grape variety: Merlot Khorus, Cabernet Cortis, Prior N
Year: 2020
Alcohol content: 12,5 %
Format: 0.75 l (Fr. 23.33.-/1 l)
Producer: The Cantina Pizzolato
Region/Country: Veneto/Italy

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Rosso IGT Veneto BIO 2020 - without added sulfites

17.50 CHF

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Le Rosso IGT Veneto BIO – without added sulfites is a PIWI wine, i.e. from vines resistant to fungal diseases. It is thus the result of constant human research and selection, for several decades, of crosses between varieties of vitis vinifera and American vine varieties (resistant to fungal diseases). The result for this wine is the minimum number of treatments performed and the resulting environmental impact for its creation.


It is a classic red wine vinification with about 10 days of maceration on the skins.


Intense and deep red color.


Finally, this wine has an intense, harmonious, spicy aroma with notes of red fruits that give it a unique scent.


In the mouth, this Rosso IGT Veneto BIO you will discover a balanced wine with character.


We invite you to try your own food and wine pairings with this new type of wine!